A patient care platform for psychedelic therapy.

Homecoming partners with psychedelic clinics, therapists, and retreats to support clients before, between, and after sessions.

Amplifying therapy

Our companion app supports healing journeys with personalized guides, tasks, and daily check-ins.

Modernizing the patient journey

We provide preparation and integration support from a single, user-friendly platform for patients and clinics.

Supporting clinic growth

We help clinics reach more patients using modern therapy tools, precision data, and a better patient experience.

Homecoming allows clinics to guide patients along their healing journey, even when they can’t be with them.

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We partner with the leading clinics and retreats in psychedelic therapy.

“Homecoming allows our therapists to streamline preparation, self-reporting, and follow-up protocols for our patients. It saves our medical team a lot of time and allows us to set and maintain the highest standards of care as we grow.”

Marshall Ross — Chief Scientific Officer, Newly Institute

“Our medical team previously wanted to build a custom mobile app to help manage our patient experience outside of the clinic. Instead, we worked with Homecoming, which does all the things we wanted to build, but for a small fraction of the cost. It allows us to focus on what we do best—taking care of our patients on-site.”

Arthur Kwan — Chief Executive Officer, Newly Institute

We’re committed to improving the
well-being of all psychedelic community members. That’s why 10% of our company equity is donated to our non-profit partners and their impactful work.

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Your Privacy

We take data privacy and security seriously, and the protection of personal health information is our highest priority.